Dementia Care

Dementia Care requires specialist skillls. We ensure that our support workers have the right qualities to support our dementia sufferers - in particular empathy and kindness. Dementia affects more than the individual. It can also impact the lives of family and friends.

We understand that dementia sufferers are particularly vulnerable and we know how to make their lives as comfortable, safe, fulfilling and interesting as possible.

We work closely with medical professionals, social services and other organisations involved in the clients care, to provide a complete service that allows clients to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.


Our aim is to provide care which ensures those we look after enjoy the best quality of life possible. Our staff are specially trained to undestand their clients' feelings and emotions. We support our dementia sufferers by providing the stability that they need - all with a personal touch.


Our specialist Dementia Nurse will focus on the individual needs of the client as well as family or relatives who may be involved in providing care.


For these clients there may be nothing better than having someone around to talk to, to share experiences and help them get out and about. These are services our support workers can offer to enhance the day to day living of those affected by dementia.

Domestic Support/Meal Preparation

This allows dementia sufferers in particular to enjoy their own familiar environment without the stress or danger of everyday tasks. Good nutriton is a vital part of all or support plans to help individuals stay strong and healthy.

Our support gives reassurance to families that their loved ones are receiving the specialist care they deserve.