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Service User Questionnaire

Allander Homecare is a registered care service offering care and support to members of our community.

The service is regularly inspected by the Care Inspectorate to ensure care and support is delivered consistently and to a high standard. We need your views, or where appropriate, your relatives or representatives views on the service that Allander Homecare provide.

Thank you for your help.

Please select from the available options and feel free to make additional comments which will be treated as confidential.

1) Contact with your local office staff including the Manager and Team Leaders

Do you feel our office staff




Are polite and courteous?

Are helpful and professional?

Return your call when asked and deal with your requests promptly?

Let you know if there are any planned changes to your care workers?


2) Monitoring the service




Does a Manager or Team leader visit you for monitoring, review or assessment purposes?

If they have, do you find them polite and courteous?

If they have, do you find that they are able to help and answer your questions?

Is your paperwork completed to your specification and a copy left with you in your home?





3) Allander Support Workers




Are your care workers




Polite, courteous and professional?

Respectful of your privacy and dignity?

Using protective clothing (where applicable) i.e. gloves, aprons?

Delivering the service on the care plan?





4) Contact with local Allander office




Do you know the emergency "on-call" (out of hours) telephone number to ring when the office is closed?


Were you and/or your family involved in the completion of your care plan?


Are there any changes you feel could be made to improve the quality of the service?


Are there any ways in which we could make your service more personalised?


Would you be interested in attending our yearly coffee mornings?





5) Your comments




Please could you provide an overall opinion of our service on a scale of 1-5 by selecting the appropriate number (1 being the poorest service and 5 being the best service).


Is there anything you particularly like about the care you receive?

Is there anything you particularly dislike about the care you receive?

Have you any suggestions or is there anything you would like to add?

Your name/the name of the person you are submitting on behalf of. *Optional

Your email/the email of the person you are submitting on behalf of. *Optional

We would like to thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Now click the button to submit your completed form. All answers are received in the strictest confidence.



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